Know the precautions of the drug before choosing to buy Vardenafil online

Get Vardenafil OnlinePeople who take Levitra medication, headache is a common side effect.  A headache caused by Levitra resolves by itself without the assistance of a drug or a physician. For some the headache may be severe, in such instances, medical assistance should be sought.  Your doctor may recommend lowering the dosage if a headache is too high and intolerable.  The general physician may also administer over-the-counter drugs for a head ache.  If the drug is taken on an empty stomach, try Levitra with after a meal.  Few may be sensitive to the components of the drug, so the best advised would be, to take the drug after a meal. Sometimes consuming alcohol may worsen a headache. So it is best not to take the drug with alcohol.

Levitra and Alcohol

Levitra and Alcohol have vasodilating effects and so it is best to avoid mingling the two.  Mixing both can upsurge the risks of side effects like Dizziness, and rapid heart rate and hypotension.  To avoid such side effects, either drinking too much of alcohol should be avoided or the dose should be ignored.  If you are planning to consume alcohol, drink little especially if you are new to the drug. If any adverse side effects are felt, stop drinking alcohol. So do not buy Vardenafil online, if you are an alcohol addict.