Is Levitra the best pill to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Levitra with a generic name of vardenafil, one of the most preferred drugs to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence, belongs to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. The effectiveness of the drug has rejoiced by many and so no doubt you are going to enjoy the real pleasure.

Is Levitra the best pill for treating erectile dysfunction?

While there was a discussion of which one to use for erectile dysfunction (pills or cream), the best suggested is pills over the cream. There are only a few creams like Vitaros (approved in Europe and Canada) that have been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for erectile dysfunction. Still, pills are preferred than creams, as they can be taken in a jiffy orally, whereas using the topical creams for erectile dysfunction may consume enough time.

Though there are some cheap ed pills online, only a few oral pills have performed well and to name few Levitra, Viagra, Staxyn, Stendra, and Cialis.

Would you choose Cialis and stay hard on for up to 36 hrs. and be embarrassed or choose Viagra or Levitra, which are better known for their reputation.

And there was this “Finally…On Demand For Men”, which a friend of ours was using and he seemed to like it very much for better performance with perfect control. He also reckoned that they have changed their formula, from which he doesn’t seem to like and would rather buy Levitra online or Viagra. He did buy Levitra.

It is always better to choose Levitra over Viagra, as the former takes an hour to work, which gives you enough time for foreplay, which both the partners would love rather reaching climax immediately.

Is Vardenafil Safe over Viagra?

Yes, it safe to use unless you buy vardenafil online from a licensed pharmacy. Doctor’s advice should be sought if you have the following medical conditions.  With the guidance of the physician, it is safe to take the medication as prescribed and advised.  Though there are few side effects of both the pills, Levitra has proved to have less adverse side effects than Viagra.

Dosage Availability – Levitra is available in following dosages – 2.5mg tablets / 5mg tablets / 10mg tablets and 20 mg tablets. Purchase Levitra online, the dose which is endorsed for you.

Dose Recommendation – The recommended dose is 10 mg, an hour before sexual intercourse, whereas for the geriatric (65 years and above) is 5 mg. Apart from taking the medication, sexual stimulation is required, which the doctor will advise how and when to stimulate the organs for optimum performance and drive.

How to buy Levitra Online without Prescription Safely?

Buying ed pills online may be risky but to buy Levitra without prescription safely, few things should be addressed.

  • Buy from a licensed online pharmacy
  • Check for FDA approvals
  • One who can provide their contact number
  • A site that provides clear transparency about their privacy policy on the credit card and account information.

A lot of chaos prevails amongst the buyers as of which ED pill to buy for erectile dysfunction and where to buy Levitra online.  A full scan and an examination from the doctor is the best way to come to a conclusion, in which erectile dysfunction drug should be bought. The doctor examines your medical history of the past and the present and does the recommendation.