Why is Levitra so famous?

In 2005, Levitra had made a medical history that 50 % of mankind who have faced this impotence problem had been prescribed to take this pill. At that time, though there were many erectile dysfunctions treating medicines, most men all around the world had tried to figure out the most effective pills. Even after tried other ED drugs the existence of this problem affects the healthy relationship with their partner and results in depressed life. With the recent arrival, this drug has proved to be the most effective and safe drugs to the erection problem in men.

Vardenafil is the active compound of Levitra pills and it is identified in 1994 and it was approved to be a safe drug by FDA in 2003. Seeing the increasing demand many companies had started to manufacture this medication under the different brand name. Out of those Levitra is found to be very famous in the US and many other European countries.

This drug became so popular among the men circle, due to several reasons. Levitra works by increasing the blood flow to the penis and induce the natural erection. First of all, this medicine is not aphrodisiac, which means this drug will not increase the sex desire or will not change any hormones, it will only rectify the problem of erection. It works very similarly to other PDE5 inhibitors however it is the most potent and effective medication.

Factors which make Levitra famous around men:

Low Cost of Levitra:

This drug costs low when compared to other ED drugs. In many online drugstores, one could get it even cheaper without worrying about the quality. The Levitra cost will vary for different dose strengths and it also depends on the place where you choose to buy.

When comparing with other widely used ED drugs, all the Levitra dosage are sold at low cost whereas, the equivalent dose of other drug costs high. With the same working nature, people will obviously prefer the medicines available at low cost. So, the rate of buyers had increased day by day after its arrival, now it is been one among the most popular drug for impotence.

Plenty of supply:

This pill is used by men all around the world because many doctors have been prescribing it to their patient for speedy recovery. Due to the increased demand, many online drugstores have the stock of generic Levitra at all time. It is simple, as buyers increases, the production of this medicine also increase. People need not worry about the availability of this drug.

Most effective nature of Levitra:

50 % of cases when the other ED medications are powerless in one individual, Levitra will help them by its highly effective nature.

It will also be effective in 72 % of men with the diabetic problem and 70 % of men who have undergone Prostatectomy. Mostly, much impotence treating drug will give negative results for men with the above medical condition.

This medicine will stay in the intestine for 5 hours. This will avoid the accumulation of the drug and will not result in major side effects. On the other hand, the other medication will stay for 12- 15 hours inside the stomach and affect the digestive system and kidney due to the chance of accumulation of the medicines which in turn results in severe side effects.

Levitra pills will work more effectively even when a person had heavy fatty food before or after the consumption. This will not affect the working speed of this medicine. So, people who are using this need not worry about the food that they are taking which is the major concern of many men when taking ED pill.

And the moderate amount of alcohol will not affect the effectiveness of this drug. These are the major reasons why Levitra online is so famous to help the men in treating erection problem.